Tips & Tricks

  • Scheduling your posts utilizing Facebook Publishing Tools is a time saver. Decide at the beginning of the week what your content will focus on for the week and create 3-5 posts. You can schedule them out in one session which saves you some time and allows you to focus on responding to customers in a timely manner.

  • Can't come up with an idea for social media content? Check out National Calendar Day's website to see what days are coming up and how you can tie your business into them. Does your restaurant serve up a great omelette? Post on National Egg Day (June 3). If you're a florist, create a post for National Red Rose Day (June 12). The ideas are endless!

  • Do you have customers who love your services or products? Ask them to leave you a Google or Facebook review. It will help boost your credibility as a business and it allows people to get an idea of the level of service or quality of products you provide.

  • You will likely get more engagement on your posts with live video and using Facebook Live is a great way to offer a tutorial or demo. It's also fun to take people behind the scenes of your shop as well so they can see things they likely wouldn't otherwise!

  • People often wonder how often they should be posting on social media. There's no magic answer, but consistency is key. We recommend posting at least 3-5 times a week on Facebook and once a day on Instagram.

  • Posting consistently is best, but it's also important to reiterate don't post just to post. That's when your content tends to become irrelevant and your followers will start to click the unfollow button.

  • Make sure you have eye-catching and engaging images with your social media posts. Those perform best for engagement!

  • Put yourself in your customer's shoes. Identify who your customer is before you create a marketing plan. What are their demographics? What are the things they need to know about your product or business? Make sure you are marketing with your customer in mind.

  • When crafting an email subject line, it's best to use no more than 60 characters - ideally would be 25-35, especially when you have many people opening your email on their mobile device. The subject line is what gets people to open it so make it count!

  • Videos vs. Photos - what's better for engagement? The answer is both, as videos will usually garner more likes and views while photos tend to draw more clicks.

  • Anytime you are sending out an email be sure you send yourself a test email first. Double check spelling and grammar, plus make sure all links in your email work!

  • Often times business owners overlook an important piece of data they likely already have for their customers - an email address. Sending an email to your customers is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to market your business.

  • In Facebook's Creator Studio, you have access to Facebook's Sound Collection, which is an audio library of sound effects and royalty-free music that you can download for your videos. Adding music to your videos sounds like music to our ears.

  • In case you haven't linked your Facebook and Instagram pages together, do it today. According to a Buzzsumo study of more than 1 billion Facebook posts from 3 million brand pages, images that were shared to Facebook via Instagram received 23% more engagement than images posted directly to Facebook.

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