With more than 20 years experience in communications and marketing, H1 is a boutique marketing agency offering a variety of services for small businesses who do not have the financial capabilities of having their own marketing department.

We have programs that can fit any budget.

Heather Warthen
Founder and CEO

For the past 15 years, I worked for a local media group, moving from editor to managing editor to chief events officer and finally chief marketing officer. During my time there, I developed several advertising campaigns for our events division as well as for special projects and company initiatives. I have also been invited on several occasions as a public speaker to share my knowledge on digital advertising and strategy with business and events. Starting this company seemed a natural fit for me as I am passionate about small businesses and would love to use my skills to help them grow and succeed. 

Marketing Experience

For the past seven years, I created a variety of marketing campaigns and materials to bring attendees to live events utilizing a variety of mediums including digital, outdoor, print, radio, TV and grassroots marketing. In addition to creating engaging content that told the story of the event, we also worked to create an experience for not only our vendors but also for our attendees. I believe that marketing a business should encapsulate the customer experience in each detail. 

A good marketer always knows how to tell a story - let us help you tell your story.

FSC - April 27.png
Social Media Experience

I come from the era of MySpace, but have been part of Facebook since its early days. I have spent several years creating content for both Facebook and Instagram accounts for my past company as well as for a couple local businesses and organizations. I have extensive knowledge on creating engaging content as well as successful and responsive Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. I have experience additionally in Twitter and LinkedIn.

Photography Experience

My dad first taught me how to use a camera as a child and I fell in love with photography. I took photography classes in college where I even had the opportunity to learn how to develop film. As an editor, I also took photos and have received multiple Illinois Press Association awards for them. I also have photographed a variety of musical artists through the years including Dave Matthews (pictured), Buddy Guy, Santana, Sting, Lenny Kravitz, Fall Out Boy, P!nk and dozens more. I also have years of experience capturing milestone moments for several area families.